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Akakū Upstairs Presents: Maui School Garden Network and Grow Some Good –

The Executive Directors of Maui School Garden Network, Grow Some Good and the Dept. of Agriculture’s Farm to School Coordinator are coming to share the successes and challenges of our children’s health and well-being in our school food programs.

Maui School Garden Network’s mission is to move Maui County’s children toward developing a greater sense of food security as well as understanding nutrition. They are teaching our children how to grow their own food in sustainable school gardens while promoting a direct connection between local food producers and our school food service providers.

Grow Some Good offers regular “work & learn” days where teachers, students, volunteers and the public come to learn and care for school gardens. The Dept. of Agriculture’s “Farm to School” Coordinator will share the plan of establishing and implementing the “farm to school” (“F2S”) program. She will address the issues of supply and demand of Hawaii’s grown foods and she’ll share what reasonable steps are being taken to incorporate more agricultural and nutritional education in our schools.​

Presentation, Discussion and Panel Include:
Lehn Huff – Maui School Garden Network Coordinator and Executive Director
Kathy Becklin – Grow Some Good, Executive Director
Robyn Pfahl – Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture’s Farm to School Coordinator

Come and enjoy an active discussion regarding the current school food programs which include linking schools with local chefs, farmers and ranchers. Learn about planting, maintaining and harvesting garden techniques currently underway in several schools on Maui and the neighbor islands. The panel will touch on how Hawaiian practices and the relationship to the ‘aina are implemented and respected. Volunteer opportunities for families, organizations and individuals will be shared with a Q&A session to follow. Please join us!

What: Akakū Upstairs Presents:

It’s a Treat, Not a Trick!… Maui School Garden Network and  Grow Some Good are Changing School Food Programs

Where: 333 Dairy Rd. Ste. 204 Kahului, HI 96732

When: October 26, 2017  from 6pm – 8pm

Watch Here: