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Akakū Upstairs Presents: Maui – Before and After Sugar! by The Story Connective

The Story Collective

The Story Connective shares an inspired view of  Maui’s history and a refreshing look into the future.


The Story Connective, Rebecca Rhapsody and Loxley Clovis bring to life their podcast episode that is one in a series called, “Re-envision Maui” It’s a look inside the current transition on the island of Maui.

Industrial sugarcane production on Maui has come to an end & the future of thousands of acres of land & billions of gallons of the island’s fresh water is now in limbo. What we decide to grow and build during this transition will impact Maui’s future over the coming centuries.
Rhapsody and Loxley say: “If we can better understand what Maui looked like before sugar became such a big force on the island, we may discover insights about what Maui could look like now that sugar is no longer”. The possibilities are inspiring.
The storytelling presentation is by Rebecca Rhapsody and Loxley Clovis who are “The Story Connective”. Q&A discussing possible solutions to the challenges that confront Maui today.  Check out the entire podcast series at:
Akakū Maui Community Media
333 Dairy Road Suite 206
Kahului, Maui 96732
Thursday March 30, 2017 from 6-8:00pm
RSVP:  FREE! Seating will be Limited! Reserve a seat now!
Call 808-871-5554 or email: