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Lucienne DeNaie host a talk show that covers current issues affecting Maui Counties non-profits, community associations, and political spectrum. She has worked side by side in several community associations and has her ear to the ground on current issues facing the Maui landscape.

Who is Lucienne de Naie? She is a humble 20-year Huelo resident and community activist with an unmatched record of service, advocacy and understanding of the issues that face the people of Maui County today. She has quietly and effectively marched on for the Maui Community on several fronts.

She is the author of a well-regarded 200-page report on Maui’s water sources, is a founding member of Maui Cultural Lands, Inc., a non-profit land trust currently restoring acres of cultural sites in Honokowai Valley and of the Maui Coastal Land Trust.

She believes that the effort to provide homes for local families first and to protect our natural and cultural resources is a fight for the heart and soul of the islands. If we don’t act quickly and effectively, she believes Maui will become a commodity, not a community.