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Video Editing with Final Cut Pro


If you want to learn to use the professional software that many Hollywood editors rely on to create films for the big screen and television, this class is for you…


Please check back for future dates for this Course, offered once a year


Final Cut Pro X is a professional program that allows maximum creativity when editing video. This class will introduce you to the essential features and techniques that editors employ. You will learn to navigate the program, import content, create a project and events, transitions, visual effects, add titles and graphics, as well as how to level audio. Graduate members may reserve Akakū Media Lab edit bays to edit their own shows for air. This class is only offered once a year! Email to express your interest!

Number of Classes: 4, 12 hours

*Prerequisite: Intro to Akaku and Public Access Media.
*Classes may be canceled  if registration minimums are not met, 4 registrants minimum.


  • A review of the interface

  • Basic tools

  • File management

  • Basic editing techniques

  • Tips and shortcuts!

LOCATION – AkakÅ« Media Lab
333 Dairy Rd #204, Kahului, HI 96732

To be announced

All are mandatory

ONLY OFFERED 1x/year: Meets 4 days/12 Hours. Minimum 4 paid registrants to run.

Prerequisites: Basic Mac competency & Requires Intro to Akakū to Certify.