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Akakū Upstairs is on Summer Break…See YOU in September!

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During the month of August we will take some time off to restructure our Akakū Upstairs Thursday Salon Series. Since February 22, 2017 we have completed 22 media salons. Our guests hosts have included Producers, Writers, Directors, Storytellers, mainly those with Media expertise. We will continue our Media salons while adding hands-on Workshops that will…

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Special Prescreening Event: "Paradise Found" Taylor Camp, Kauai 1969-1977

Paradise Found

*Take part in reviewing this updated version of:   Taylor Camp, Kauai 1969-1977 Taylor Camp sits on the north shore of Kauai and was owned by Howard Taylor, brother of actress Elizabeth Taylor. He bails out a rag-tag band of young Mainlanders jailed for vagrancy and invites them to live on his ocean-front land. Soon, waves…

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