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Akakū Youth Work Program Receives Grant


Akakū Maui Community Media received a $5,000 grant from the Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation in support of the Akakū Youth Media Exchange, AYME.

AYME is a workforce development program for Certified graduates of YBEAM, Youth Broadband Education and Awareness Mentoring, YBEAM is a ʻmobileʻ video journalism training for youth 12-19 years old. The training is free and offered as an after school program at various satellite locations on both Maui and Molokai, and at Akakū in the summer.

AYME reporters produce 2-3 minute ENG videos on community events, non-profits and businesses from iPod Touches. Youth producers receive professional mentoring and stipends for their stories. Participants also learn about the industry with coaching on work skills. AYME youth also produce live television segments at community events and the Maui Youth Weekly simulcast program on cable channel 55 and 88.5 KAKU radio.

“I launched the job initiative for YBEAM graduates in 2013 and am thrilled we are garnering public attention for the youth stories that are intended to benefit our community” says Kat Tracy, Akakū Education Director,“and have them actively engage with it! The training gives them marketable skills, if they choose to apply them professionally! This support allows me to give expand the opportunities!”

AYME stories can be viewed on Akakū cable channel 55 and on the programʻs web portal, For more information contact Kat Tracy at (808) 283-7961.