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Akakū Producer Associate Membership (Required for Series)

$50.00 for 1 year

This (APA) membership is designed for residents who take classes or pass skills equivalency tests to become certified users of Akakū.

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This (APA) membership is to become certified users of Akakū.
Once certified, APA members are entitled to check out camera equipment and use Akakū facilities, equipment, studio and media lab to produce non-commercial videos for first use on Akakū channels. 

  • Eligible to present Series Programming with assigned time slots.
  • Enjoy a 20% discount on all Akakū education classes.  
  • TV Programs listed on Akakū Video on Demand webpage at no charge.
  • Access to Facebook Community Producer Group. 
  • KAKU Radio access for approved shows.

NOTE: Youth APA memberships (18 and under) are available for $25 per year.

DISCLAIMER: Members must agree to the Akakū Policies & Procedures published on our website and Akakū reserves the right to disqualify membership eligibility to any applicant at any time at its sole discretion