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Akaku Tutorials


Mobile Production

iPhone Video Camera Basics

iPhone Long Exposure Technique

iMovie iOS Basics

Filmic Pro Video Shooting App

Filmic Pro Manual Focus

Filmic Pro Exposure

Filmic Pro Shooting Low Light INT.

Filmic Pro Shooting Low Light EXT.

Filmic Pro Shooting Interviews

Filmic Pro Shooting with Gimbal

Filmic Pro Shooting on Location

Multi-Camera Mobile Shooting

LumaFusion Pro Mobile Editing App

LumaFusion Live Training

LumaFusion For i-Pad

Instagram Reels Video

Media Literacy

What is Media Literacy?

Media Literacy for Media Creators

Know Your Sources & Media Bias

Creator Roles & Framing Your Message

Video Conferencing

Better Video & Audio Tips

Touchup Appearance: Zoom

Noise Suppression: Zoom

Field Production

Panasonic AG-UX90 Basics

Panasonic AG-UX90 Operation

Panasonic AG-UX90 Manual Mode


Basic Key Lighting

Basic Fill Lighting

Practical Lighting

Soft Lighting

Post Production & Editing

iMovie Editing (2020 PDF Guide

Final Cut Pro: Beginning

AfterEffects Basics

Studio Tricaster

Live Production Switcher

Media Servers

Working Audio in Tricaster

TriCaster Live Panel App