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Basic Mobile Video Production


This is a one-day crash course in basic mobile video field production. Popular tools and accessories are introduced with rudiments of using the Filmic Pro video shooting application and the free I-Movie editing application, in a project-based training…

Course Date:
See Calendar for Dates: Offered Every Other Month



This is a one-day crash course in basic mobile video production, using an Apple i-Device. Learn to shoot with both the on-board camera and the Filmic Pro video app. Edit short projects using i-Movie, the editing software that comes free with all Apple products. 

This class is a pre-requisite for more advanced mobile training. Graduate members are eligible to check out mobile kits to use with their own iPhones. This class is scheduled 1x/month, see calendar below for dates to book!  7 hours

*Pre-requisites:  Intro to Akakū & Public Access and must be Mac literate

*Class may be canceled if registration minimums are not met, 2 registrants minimum.

LOCATION – AkakÅ« Media Lab
333 Dairy Rd #204, Kahului, HI 96732

Kat Tracy

Pre-requisites: Apple iPhone literate & Intro to Akakū & Public Access