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Akakū maintains a gold standard of up to date, HD studio production, field production, and post-production equipment and services. Akakū’s multi-platform media distribution capabilities include in-studio, field and portable studio configurations, “live” remote broadcasting and mobile video that can post directly from most any handheld device to television and/or the web.

Akakū provides training, video production equipment, digital editing systems, and studio facilities for Maui County residents to produce their own videos and shows. Community Producers who become members can enjoy access to camera kits, studio facilities, media lab for editing, and discounts on classes and events. Akakū has a “first use” requirement meaning that videos produced with Akakū production equipment or post-production software must be shown first on Akakū channels.

Most Akakū equipment and facilities may be used at no charge by Maui County residents who are certified in their use and pay an annual Akakū Producer Associate (APA) Membership fee. Extended studio time and special production equipment are available at discounted rates. A parent or legal guardian of youth under 18 years of age must sign all applicable forms and be responsible for equipment and facility use by their child.

Video professionals and qualified videographers can also RENT VIDEO PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT without having to abide by the Akakū “first use” requirement. Please contact our front desk or call (808) 871 5554 for more information.