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Support Community Voices

Akakū Maui Community Media was founded in 1992 to serve Maui County residents television broadcast media needs. Today, Akakūʻs kuleana is to provide information and media resources to Maui Nui residents, non-profits, agencies, organizations, schools and businesses in Maui County. 

Akakū is a non-profit 501c3. Our mission is to empower our community's voice. We offer training, access to equipment and facilities, with both local television and online distribution outlets. We encourage civic engagement, value free speech and creative expression. We believe in, and support, Democracy.

Akakū programs include free public ʻSpeak Outʻ sessions scheduled in our studio and aired on the community cable channels. We create forums for citizens to gather and learn about and gain skills from community professionals. We train community producers and civic correspondents to creat stories in their own voice. We gather youth together to help them create content that matters to them and their community. We help non-profits make meaningful messages to bring awareness to important social issues and services.

ʻStoryʻ is the foundational building block to civilizations, cultures and communityʻs. We invite you to help support this vital human need and Akakūʻs ability to grow and continue to make a positive impact in Maui Nui.


We appreciate support in these areas:

Education | Special Community Events | Legal Fund | Free Speech | Radio | Facility/Equipment

Public Awareness Campaigns | Akakū Productions | Molokai Media Center | Where it's needed the most